About AfroCyberPunk

AfroCyberPunk is here to explore the possibilities of African science fiction and to expose it’s immense creative potential to the world. For various technical reasons, politics has dominated African literature for decades, and writers taking on Africa seem to be perpetually trapped in the present and past.

Science fiction has had significantly enlightening effect on the cultural development of the industrialized societies, and I believe it can do the same for Africa. Wherever you are in the world, my intention is to get you thinking about the direction in which Africa is heading and use this as a lens to alter your perspective of the continent today.

AfroCyberPunk was created by myself, Jonathan Dotse (Doe-chay), a professional student and aspiring science fiction writer living in Accra, Ghana. I’m currently working on my debut novel, a cyberpunk mystery/thriller set in the sprawling metropolis of Accra in the middle of the 21st century.

Contact: afrocyberpunk  [at]   gmail  [dot]   com

Image copyright (c) 2009 James Ainooson.


2 Responses to “About AfroCyberPunk”

  1. Hello! I’m writing a bi-weekly technology column for the Friday supplement of Dagbladet, one of Norway’s biggest newspapers. I’d love to do an interview with you on your thoughts about African sci-fi for my next column. If you’re interested, drop me a line at martin.bergesen@gmail.com and we’ll sort out the details in some kind of chat/Skype/e-mail-type of conversation thing.

    All the best,
    Martin Bergesen

  2. Brian St.Claire-King Says:

    Hello Mr. Dotse,

    I’m the creative director for a small publishing company. I would like to make an offer to you. If you can contact me at creative [aht] vajraenterprises [dot] com, I will email you back with details.

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